DIY Barn Wood Mirror

If you have a barn filed nearby you then you can surely get some bar wood there for free and use them for various furniture and decor achievements. The characteristic of the barn wood is that they are full of rustic and natural beauty as they stay in the barn field for a long time before you pick them up. So the thing you would made from such rustic wood, turn out to be rustic and traditional in looks with weathered effects. And gladly we have exactly this kind of thing with us which is sure to be a proud part of your decor and dwelling.

So, guys have a look at this DIY barn wood mirror in square shape with a light coating of dark red stain making it look more jazzed up in rustic and accent fields of beauty. You can hang this mirror in the foyer, in hall or in your bedroom using it to get dressed up and also a nice sober wall decor piece.

barnwood mirror
The pallet is a really handy material and that is why it is feasible to work with it at home and when it is cut into the slats and planks it gets more easy to work with as here the slats have been used to shape up the mirror.
diy barnwood mirror
To install this mirror you do not have to work very hard as all you need to cut four slat or plank pieces from the barn wood and then stack them together around the mirror in a square shape and you are done with it.
handmade barnwood mirror
The four custom cut slats or planks of the barn wood have been sawed and then yoked together forming a square in which your mirror would get fit so while stacking the slats do consider the size of your mirror.
upcycled barnwood mirror
The barn wood is already rustic in its color, tone and texture but it has been enhanced even more by getting it stained in the reddish hues so that you enjoy a gorgeous mirror for the walls of your bathroom, hall or foyer.

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